Lower Leigh Atelier, Lower Leigh Farm,
Tokes Lane,East Knoyle, Shaftesbury, SP3 6BZ

Artist Profile

Rebecca O’Dwyer

Rebecca is a country and sporting artist from the Vale of Glamorgan. She is inspired by the community she was born in to and still part of. She regularly received training with the Society of Equestrian Artists and London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) and has been exhibiting professionally since 2007.

Rebecca is a former member of the South Wales Art Society where she was awarded the prize for best figurative work in their 2017 exhibition. Her work has been accepted for The Horse in Art, the annual exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists (SEA), every year since 2016, and she recently served for a year as a Trustee of the SEA. She is an associate member of the SEA.

For further information please email info@lowerleighatelier.com