Lower Leigh Atelier, Lower Leigh Farm,
Tokes Lane,East Knoyle, Shaftesbury, SP3 6BZ

Artist Profile

Julie Ayton

Julie makes pots to give pleasure in use or contemplation.  Function remains an enjoyable challenge, and one that exerts a discipline of its own, but attention to form, surface, scale and touch are not secondary.  While the rhythm of repetition has its appeal, she remains curious to explore new avenues and allow daydreaming to intrude.  She often works in short series, whether of simple shapes such as cups and bowls, or more complex pieces that provide scope to vary pattern or glaze from one to the next, sometimes producing a family of one-offs.  Porcelain offers both a sensuous quality and the opportunity for graphic surface treatments, which in turn lend a satisfying tactile finish to the work. She has recently been making moon jars, pulling together aspects of oriental ceramics and decorative traditions from other times and disciplines, particularly textiles and printmaking.

Julie prefers to work on the raw clay, and has gradually been moving towards single firing.  This reduces fuel use, but more importantly removes the intrusion of the biscuit stage, an unwelcome interruption between initial forming and the lifting of the finished pot, warm, from the kiln.

For further information please email info@lowerleighatelier.com