Lower Leigh Atelier, Lower Leigh Farm,
Tokes Lane,East Knoyle, Shaftesbury, SP3 6BZ

Artist Profile

Jo Rodwell

Over 35 years Jo bought, loaned, rescued or bred a succession of horses, giving her a deep understanding and love of the animal. A noble beast with its strong head conveying much of its character, responding well to being stroked – calming for both horse and human – and a polished stone brings out these same physical and emotional qualities.

She learned her craft from stone carver and artist, Henry Gray and is determined to maintain an authentic link with sculptors from history by not using any mechanical tools in her work, feeling that this would change the relationship with her materials and would not be true to her sense of form. Jo is assisted by Sam MacArthur at Ramsbury Stonemasons in Marlborough, with the mounting of her sculptures and supply of stone bases. Jo enjoys being immersed in the creating process, despite each sculpture taking many hours of physical work. They are all hand-carved and hand-polished from start to finish.

For further information please email info@lowerleighatelier.com