Lower Leigh Atelier, Lower Leigh Farm,
Tokes Lane,East Knoyle, Shaftesbury, SP3 6BZ

Artist Profile

Andrew Whitehouse

After studying portraiture at Heatherley’s School of Art, Andrew turned his attention to abstraction, being drawn to landscape composition. Working in collage he uses drawings, old paintings and coloured paper to represent the countryside around him, mainly in Hampshire and the South of France. 

He has experimented with ‘pure’ abstract painting in the studio but felt unable to reinterpret his initial response to the landscape. Instead he prefers to take his sketchbook outside so that the images he produces come from organic forms that he has observed, and that have provoked a sensory response.  When in the landscape Andrew is looking for shapes that relate to each other – areas of land, sea or sky that hold a spatial connection. The process of working in collage means he is able to move things around continuously until he find the visual language he seeks.

For more information, please email info@lowerleighatelier.com